Monday, September 6
Start time 9:30 a.m. - End time 18:00 p.m.
Meeting location : same place than JOBIM Conference

This satellite meeting will be held immediately prior to the JOBIM conference.
The broad focus of the satellite meeting is to maximise opportunities for interaction between scientists engaged in differents aspects of research, including but not limited to, functional genomics, metadata for life sciences, bio-ontologies or genome annotation quality. These topics are not exclusive and scientists that are, more generally, interesting in improving biological data  interoperability, accessibility and quality as well, are also invited to participate to MOQA.
We expect a fruitful meeting that will facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas. Consequently, the meeting will include a keynote talk by Dr Ulf Leser, a panel session (roundtable) to explore open issues and opportunities  and will highlight different speakers covering the large spectrum of the topics of interest.
MOQA will be held in conjunction with Genome Annotation satellite meeting.
List of proposed topics:

  • Annotation, metadata, quality and traceability
  • Controlled vocabularies and bio-ontologies
  • Functional and structural annotations, data standards and value of biological sequences
  • Semantic Web enabled approachs for integrative bioinformatics

Program schedule:

  • 10:00 Welcome registration (cafétéria)
  • 10:15 Opening Session Salle 104
  • 10:20 Anne Tireau (INRA Montpellier) Using ontologies for R function management
  • 11:00 Coffee break Cafétéria
  • 11:35 Véronique Giudicelli (IGH Montpellier) Ce qu'apporte OWL à la formalisation d'IMGT-Ontology
  • 12:15 Julien Wollbrett (CIRAD Montpellier) Intégration sémantique automatisée de données pour l'analyse de la diversité génétique des plantes
  • 12:55 Isabelle Mougenot (Lirmm Montpellier) Geographic data standards and geographic data quality principles for biological annotation
  • 13:30 Lunch Cafétéria
  • 14:50 Pierre Tuffery (Univ. Diderot Paris) Semantic Map for Structural Bioinformatics: enhanced service discovery based on high level concept ontology
  • 15:20 Daniel Jacob (CBIB Bordeaux) Semantic Data integration platform for the metabolomic domain
  • 16:00 Coffee break Cafétéria
  • 16:35 End Discussion (mostly a roundtable)

Registration (free but required) :

Isabelle Mougenot (isabelle.mougenot \at\

Organization Committee

Sarah Cohen-Boulakia (LRI), Julie Chabalier (Natural Solutions), Emmanuel Cornillot (Univ. Montpellier I), Marie-Dominique Devignes (LORIA), Christine Froidevaux (LRI), Zoe Lacroix (TGen, Arizona State University), Pierre Larmande (CIRAD), Marie-Paule Lefranc (IMGT), Valentin Loux (INRA) , Karyn Megy (EBI), Isabelle Mougenot (Univ. Montpellier II), Fleur Mougin (Univ. Bordeaux II), Fouzia Moussouni (Univ. Rennes I), Guy Perriere (Univ. Lyon I), Manuel Ruiz (CIRAD),  Stéphanie Sidibe-Bocs (CIRAD), Malika Smail (LORIA)